Popular Progressive Betting Systems

While we all wish for a foolproof method to win at roulette every single time, such a strategy remains elusive. The allure of a guaranteed win with each spin of the wheel is undeniable, yet reality paints a different picture. Our goal is to offer you valuable insights and guidance. To this end, we've carefully selected and are presenting to you the most renowned and time-honored roulette strategies. These strategies stand out for their long-standing popularity, exceptional reputation, and proven track record of effectiveness.

Among these, progressive betting systems hold a prominent place. They are not just widely used in roulette but also in other games of chance like blackjack, where the betting strategy adapts dynamically to the game's outcomes. These systems are favored for their structured approach to betting, aiming to maximize wins and minimize losses in games where the odds are inherently unpredictable.

Martingale System

best online roulette martingale system

This roulette system is popular because it often works. It doesn't guarantee a win, but if you play for an extended period, you're likely to at least break even. However, there's a risk: during a losing streak, you might deplete your bankroll, leading to substantial losses. It's important to remember that such outcomes, while rare, are possible. A significant limitation of this system is the maximum bet limit at the table. If you reach this limit during a losing streak, the system fails, as you can't continue to increase your bets to recover previous losses.

In order to make the Martingale System work, you will be betting on only the ‘even’ bets. So, black or red etc. In theory, you have an equal chance of winning both, when you take away the house edge with the 0. So the odds are going to be 2/1. Let us walk you through how this strategy works.

How to Implement the Martingale System: Step by Step

Basically, each time you hit a ‘losing’ spin, you double your bet. The idea is that eventually, you will win. When you win, you will win the money that you lost ‘back. Obviously, this does have its issues if you stumble across a major losing streak as you may not be able to sustain it. After all, you will be doubling your bet each time:

All it takes is 7 losses and you will be betting 64. It may even get up to the point where the amount you are betting goes beyond the house maximum.

Fibonacci System

best online roulette fibonacci system

This roulette system is based on a famous math concept (yep, we are taking you back to school with this one). It works in much the same way as a martingale strategy, although it plays out a bit slower.

This system uses the Fibonacci system (obviously). For those who are unaware, this system involves the two previous numbers being added together to get the next one. So, if your first bet is 1, then the second bet will be 1 (add the 1+0 together), but the one after that will be 2. Here is a basic Fibonacci sequence so you can understand what we mean:

The major benefit of this system is that you are not going to be doubling your bet every time. This may mean that you can keep hold of your bankroll a tiny bit longer. However, the longer the system goes on, the more you stand to lose.


What is the Martingale Betting Sequence?

Sequence: Start with 1 chip, double the bet after each loss.
Example: Bet 1, lose (1 chip lost). Bet 2, lose (3 chips lost). Bet 4, lose (7 chips lost). Bet 8, win (1 chip profit). Restart with 1 chip.

What is the Fibonacci Betting Sequence?

Sequence: Follow the Fibonacci numbers for bet size.
Example: Bet 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34... Increase bet to next number in sequence after a loss, and move back two numbers after a win.