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Your Guide to The Best Roulette Strategies

Here, at, we know that playing online Roulette, whilst a game of chance, can also require a little skill to improve your chances. This is why various well-known and followed Roulette strategies exist. We also know that they can be slightly difficult to understand and follow, especially if you are a newcomer to the game. We have published a series of top Roulette strategies covering the basics of the many different Roulette games you can play online. Have a read and get familiar with them to help you better understand the game and how you can use certain strategies to your advantage.

Whether you want to play Roulette for free or real money, you can trust our Roulette strategies to give you the best start. See below to learn the different strategies many follow when playing Roulette online. 

The Best Numbers to Bet on Roulette, Maximizing Your Odds of Winning.
If you're looking for the best numbers to bet on roulette, it's important to consider the odds of each bet.

Roulette Payout Charts - How To Play, Bets & Odds.
Learn key roulette bets: straight, split, street, square, six line, color, dozen, highs/lows, odds/evens, column, neighbor.

Labouchere Betting - How To Play, Strategies & Payouts 💎
The Labouchere Betting Strategy is a negative progressive system whereby you increase your bet after a loss.

Paroli System - How To Play, Strategies & Payouts 💎
The Paroli betting system requires you to increase your bet after every win, which is why it is a positive progression.

​Oscars Grind - How To Play, Strategies & Payouts 💎
The Oscars Grind betting strategy is used by gamblers on wagers, and the outcome is evenly distributed between two results, both of equal value.

Best Roulette Strategies & Tips - Best Online Roulette
Looking to beat the house at Roulette? Find out the best roulette strategies and tips from our experts in our articles. More over, find the best roulette sites to play for real money of free to practice.