French Roulette System

Players looking to wager on French Roulette and improve their odds against the house will find that one of the best ways to do so is to optimize a flat betting strategy. Using a flat betting strategy will cover more of the table, requiring more chips to be placed, which can improve winnings, though the returns are lower on each spin. Players who want to improve their roulette strategy should find new roulette sites that offer bonuses where French Roulette contributes to wagering requirements and the 'sortie de prison' feature is available at the roulette table. This will extend players gaming session at the roulette table if implemented correctly and with the appropriate bonus.

Let’s break down how this flat bet is played, covering 80% of the table, for each spin players will need to wager $17 with the potential to win $18 and the option to double up to $30.

Flat Bet Strategy

french roulette flat bet cover 80
Image displays the Flat Bet Setup on a French roulette table, covering 80% of the table with only outside bets.

Setup by Bet:

Bet 1 (Dozen - P12): Betting on numbers 1 through 12 on the French roulette table with a wager of $6.

Bet 2 (Dozen - D12): Betting on numbers 25 through 36 on the French roulette table with a wager of $6.

Bet 3 (Double Street): Betting on numbers 16 through 21 on the French roulette table with a wager of $5.

Payouts by Bet:

Bet 1 (Dozen - P12): $1 + $17 (wager)

Bet 2 (Dozen - D12): $1 + $17 (wager)

Bet 3 (Double Street): $13 + $17 (wager)

Coverage Percentage by Bet:

Bet 1 (Dozen - P12): 32%

Bet 2 (Dozen - D12): 32%

Bet 3 (Double Street): 16%

Total table coverage: 80%"

How does it compare with other French flat bet systems?

When it comes to the percentage of the roulette table covered, this roulette strategy ranks among the top flat bet systems that use more chips to cover the roulette table for each spin. With a cover at 80% on the roulette table and a minimum wager requirement of $17, it is comparable to the Romanovsky roulette system, which has a higher coverage percentage and the same payout. While the Romanovsky is a safer bet in terms of coverage, this roulette flat bet strategy offers the chance to double the wager size, which opens up potential for bigger wins.

Roulette Community

This flat bet strategy was developed by our roulette system community on YouTube, where it was first used for European Roulette. Players looking for new roulette systems or strategies should join us on our YouTube channel to access the latest roulette strategies. For those who want us to test any French roulette system they have developed, please contact us on our YouTube channel.

French Roulette Sites

Players looking for online casinos that host French Roulette should seek sites that offer live dealer games to get the most out of their gaming sessions. The best roulette sites feature French Roulette in their live casino sections also offer bonuses where roulette contributes to the wagering requirements.  

French Roulette Bonuses

When it comes to casinos that offer roulette bonuses, these are among the hardest to find. Therefore, players looking for casinos with roulette bonuses should make sure to claim a bonus where roulette contributes to the wagering requirements.