Roulette System: Win 20$ To 80$ Spin, Flat Bet Cover 63.2%

Let's break down and clarify this roulette strategy. It entails making three distinct bets: first, on numbers 1 to 18; second, on the second dozen (13-24); and third, on the third dozen (25-36). A key aspect of this strategy is that it avoids progressive betting, so techniques like the Martingale system are not employed. Each spin presents the opportunity to win between $20 and $80, with these bets covering 63.7% of the numbers on an American roulette wheel. Consequently, there are only two specific numbers that, if landed on, would result in a total loss for that spin, highlighting the strategy's approach to loss conditions.

Roulette System Details
System Type Flat Bet
Buy In $650 to $1300
Progressive None
Martingale None
Outside Bets 3
Inside Bets 0
Starting Bid $130
Steps 0

Timestamps in Video:

[00:00] Bet Setup:

Outlines the structure and placement of bets for each game.

[00:10] Bet Coverage:

Describes the percentage of the roulette wheel numbers covered by your bets.

[01:40] Regular Win:

Represents a standard win, where you earn $20.

[06:20] Hitting the Jackpot:

Occurs when the best possible outcome is achieved, resulting in an $80 win.

Bankroll Management

The recommended buy-in is £650 to $1300, which will provide you with 5 to 10 bullets.

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