The 007 Roulette Strategy

The 007 Roulette Strategy originates from the book "Casino Royale," where James Bond devises a roulette system he believes to be foolproof. Despite Bond being known for his gambling prowess, he acknowledges that no roulette strategy can guarantee a win every time. The essence of this system involves a $200 initial bet, allocated as follows: $140 on the high numbers (19 to 36), $40 on a "double street" bet covering six numbers (13 to 18), and a $10 bet on the single zero. This strategy is specifically designed for European roulette, which differs from American roulette by having only one zero. To manage losses, the strategy employs a Martingale betting system, where the bet is doubled after each loss. This means the betting progression starts at $200, then increases to $400, $800, and so on, which can quickly escalate.

How is it played?

The 007 Roulette Strategy is implemented on a European Roulette table and utilizes a flat betting system, consisting of three distinct bets. Each bet offers different payout ratios, with the highest potential payout occurring if the ball lands on zero, often referred to as the "jackpot" bet. Overall, this strategy covers approximately 70% of the roulette table. However, it's important to note that if the ball lands on any number between 1 to 12, the player will incur a loss.

Setting up the 007 Betting Strategy on a European Roulette Table

007 roulette strategy setup on pragmatic play roullete

Setting up the 007 Roulette Strategy on Pragmatic Play's Online Roulette Game using 20$ as base.

Bets to Place Using 007 Strategy Table:

Bet Type Bet Amount
19-36 $140
Double Street (e.g., 13-18) $50
Single Zero $10

Potential Winnings Table:

Bet Type Potential Winnings
19-36 $80
Double Street 13-18 €100
Single Zero $160
1-12 (Loss) -$200

Dealing with Loss through the Martingale Strategy

Whenever we encounter a loss, we adopt a strategy known as the Martingale system. This method dictates that we double our bet following each loss. Thus, beginning with an initial wager, the sequence of bets progresses by consistently doubling after every loss. The Martingale sequence, starting with your initial bet, is as follows:

Step Bet Amount ($)
1 200
2 400
3 800
4 1600
5 3200
6 6400
7 12800
8 25600
9 51200
10 102400

Is the 007 betting strategy effective overall?

The 007 betting strategy stands out for its unique approach, differing significantly from the Martingale system, which is more suited to 1:1 bets like red/black or odd/even and involves doubling the bet after a loss. The 007 strategy, with its flat betting system, incorporates a riskier element, particularly when considering the Martingale's emphasis on doubling down.

The strategy covers about 71% of the roulette table, which is decent but not the best. For example, the Romanosky strategy covers 81%, offering a safer betting environment. However, the 007 strategy's allure lies in its single bet on the zero, which adds an interesting twist with the potential for a high payout, especially in live multiplier roulette games where such single number bets can be particularly lucrative.

The 007 strategy is tailored for those willing to embrace higher risk for the chance of greater rewards. It's the kind of approach that might appeal to someone like the fictional character James Bond, due to its blend of risk, strategic table coverage, and the enticing prospect of a significant return from the single '0' bet.


It's crucial to recognize that roulette is fundamentally a game of chance, and among casino games, it typically offers one of the highest advantages to the house. Employing the Martingale system introduces additional risks due to its betting progression. Therefore, if you decide to use this strategy, it's essential to be prepared for the possibility of losing the amount you wager.