Super Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties

Introduction & Game Overview

Super Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties (yep, that name is somewhat of a mouthful) is a variant of roulette. Obviously, it is based around the Monopoly brand. The game, for the most part, is not actually that different from traditional roulette, although there are some changes that you can take advantage of if you wish. We will talk about those in a second.

Graphics of The Game

The graphics in Super Monopoly Hot Properties are a true joy to behold. Despite the whole game not looking that much different from your traditional game of roulette, it works surprisingly well with the monopoly branding. So, you have monopoly money, property cards etc. The colours even match up. The game is tremendously well-designed.

The only real issue (and this may not be an issue to all of you) comes from when you swap the betting table to the actual roulette wheel. I found the transition a little bit too slow. The animations of the roulette wheel were nice, but it was a bit slow. Check out the game on a fast computer or a decent mobile device and you should not have that many issues, though. You just may struggle on some older hardware.

Basically, in terms of looks we can’t complain. It does not necessarily bring anything new to the table, but that is cool. It is roulette. Most people do not want anything too new. The game of roulette is designed to be simple. 

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As mentioned at the start; this game is just a traditional game of roulette. While there is an additional feature in the game, you do not need to take advantage of it. If you want to play a game of roulette with monopoly branding, then you can do that. Just place your bets like normal (the minimum is 20p for reference). This is going to be a European Roulette Wheel, so if you wish, you can come up with some awesome betting strategy which will increase your chances of breaking even.

However, of course, we are playing a game of roulette with an extra feature, so we may as well take advantage of it? However, it is probably worth pointing out that the feature is not going to pop up that often. In fact, you could have dozens and dozens of spins on the wheel and never trigger it.

When you load up the game, you will notice that there is an extra betting space on the board called ‘Hot Properties’. When you spin the wheel, one of the areas of the wheel (in yellow) will be the hot properties location. If the ball lands in here, and you have bet on the hot properties part, then you will trigger the bonus round. If the ball lands in the hot properties section and you have not taken up the game on the hot properties bet, you get nothing.

When this happens, something akin to a game of deal or no deal occurs. 18 property cards are displayed to the player. Each of these cards have cash values on them. Remember them. The property cards will then be shuffled up. The player then has the opportunity to pick certain cards. The cards they pick are displayed and they are eliminated from the game.

The game will then make a cash offer for the final cards, based upon the value left. The player has the opportunity to continue to eliminate cards or accept the offer. This process continues until the player has either accepted the offer or there are just 2 cards left. The player must then take the final offer or remove one of the cards. The card left is the money that they receive. This feature is surprisingly engaging. Doesn’t really fit with roulette and is something that you would more likely expect on a slot, but it is nice when it does pop up.

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Playing Strategy

Honestly, if you are playing Super Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties, then you may as well use the feature, maybe just a small bet and save your larger bets for the rest of the roulette game (i.e. the normal way that you play).

While the feature is not going to pop up much, the amount you can win (if you are good at remembering cards) is exciting enough to keep you engrossed.Why not check out Super Monopoly Hot Properties today? It really is an exciting game and is a unique spin on the game of roulette.