Lightning Roulette Game Review 

Evolution Gaming first launched Lightning Roulette in 2018, and every element of the game is genuinely impressive. The game has become a massive success due to its out-of-this-world multipliers which rise to an incredible 500x your bet in comparison to standard roulette payouts of 35:1.

Introduction: What is Lightning Roulette?

Lightning Roulette adds a new, electrifying dimension to the player experience, serving up several extra chances to win a payout. From one to five numbers get struck by lightning providing payouts of 50x to 500x your stake! We will look at Lightning Roulette tips and strategies, as well as how to play Lightning Roulette. 

How to play Lightning Roulette: Rules and Features

Lightning Roulette rules are similar to European roulette, with a single zero, so how to play lightning roulette is not much different. The ball is sent spinning right after betting time is up, whereby the lucky numbers and their respective payouts are chosen randomly. When the ball stops spinning and falls into a slot, the winning stakes are paid out, and another round starts.

As with European Roulette, the players may place both Inside as well as Outside bets, with the first group containing Straight Up and single number bets, Splits, Streets, Corners and Line bets. You can also bet on Columns, Dozens, Red and Black, Evens and Odds, too High and Low.

A winning Split bet pays 17:1, Street bets wins 11:1, you gain 8:1 for a Corner bet, 5:1 for a Line bet, 2:1 for both Column and Dozen bets, and 1:1 for all even-money stakes. Lightning Roulette bets differ significantly as regular Straight Up bets will pay out 29:1 rather than the usual 35:1 due to the lucky numbers you receive which can gift you with up to 499:1. If the winning number is one of the lucky ones randomly selected for the round, your winning Straight-Up bets don’t get the standard 29:1; instead, your stakes are multiplied 50x, 100x, 150x, 200x or 500x. 

Dealers, Interface & Design

The Lightning Roulette games take place in a studio decorated in line with the overall lightening theme. There are Imposing pillars on both sides, background panels, and the imposing wheel serves as an isolated source of light illuminating otherwise dark surroundings. The user-friendly interface features multiple unique in-game play options, and you can use the control buttons to launch the instant Live Chat function.

Further controls include switching views, adjusting volume, displaying the game rules. You can view your game history, and even manipulate the audio and video settings. The betting area is located right beneath the live stream, and you can see detailed game statistics of your last 500 rounds. The pie chart shows you hot and cold numbers, along with percentage wins for the even-money bets. Additionally, there is a grid with all the winning numbers and the lucky ones, which are marked in gold. 

Pros and cons of Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette certainly has many positives, from the stunning gold-accented artwork to the electrifying backdrop with numbers behind the charming dealer. The most impressive game feature is the incredible 500x multiplier. Playing Lightning Roulette is an eclectic experience which throws up some fantastic winning chances and high lightning roulette odds. On the negative side, the game plays slightly less for straight-up bets than standard roulette tables. Lightning roulette offers 30:1, in Comparison to 35:1 for standard roulette. Apart from that, the positives far outweigh the negatives. The excitement of huge winnings is a typical feature of Lightning Roulette. 

Lightning Roulette minimum stake, RTP hit frequency

The Lightning Roulette payout percentage or RTP is 97.30%, and the minimum bet is £0.20. The maximum bet can increase to as much as £10,000. Straight Up bet limits range from £0.20 to £500, affording a wide range of bet options. The frequency for a 50x Lightning Strike hit is 1,024 out of the 1,000 spins, which is a little more than once per spin. To land the 100x Lightning Strike multiplier, the frequency is 1,037 times, also an average of once per spin.

The highest 500x multiplier Lightning Strike appears 90 times or once every 11 spins. The 150x and 200x Lightning Strikes hit a bit more frequently at once every 6 and 4 spins respectively. The 250x, 300x, 350x, 400x and 450x Lightning Strikes are somewhat less common. 

Could Lightning Roulette Be Rigged?

Is Lightning Roulette rigged? Let’s check a few features such as the wheel operation, and the balance and rota speeds. They are all regularly checked to ensure they operate within stated tolerance levels. The ball is also checked for correct weight and size, while the Lightning Roulette wheel is sealed and automated and the dealer does not actively spin the wheels. Casinos using Lightning Roulette have their RNG Engines checked, tested and certified by an external agency. 

Best Strategies

Lightning Roulette strategy will be attractive to players who like to play a Straight game and willing to take a little more risk. The high payout potential of 100:1, 400:2 and even 500:1 payouts on the straight are incredibly lucrative. A hit and run strategy works best and a lightning roulette bet on all numbers system. Additional tips include those usually viable for table games.

Such as managing your bankroll, deciding on a maximum limit you are willing to lose. By staying in control and setting your ceiling, you keep something for the next session. Stay mindful of common pitfalls like chasing your losses and continuing to place bets in the hope of overturning a losing streak. You should use freebies smartly and check the fine print, especially the wagering requirements. 

Review Summary

Evolution Gaming is the uncontested leader for live dealer games, and Lightning Roulette is a fine example of the talent and creativity of the game developer. Evolution’s Lightning Roulette has become the first choice for players looking for live casino action, and a staple at online casinos everywhere. The game is more reliable, more fun and pays out frequently with those attractive multipliers rising to 500x your stake. With bet limits starting from just £0.20 a spin, the game is accessible to all players and the high limits will be attractive to high rollers.

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