Immersive Roulette Guide

Introduction & Game Overview

When a game of roulette bills itself as ‘offering the Hollywood experience’, you know that you are in for a treat. Immersive roulette is, without a doubt, one of the most intense versions of roulette that you can find online. Not because it is a variant of roulette, more due to the way in which the system is run. Let us tell you a little bit about it.

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The Designers of The Game

Immersive Roulette is designed by ‘Evolution Gaming’. If you have ever played a live casino game online before, then it is likely that Evolution Gaming were behind it. They are probably one of the most prominent of live software vendors out there.

This means that you can expect a system which works flawlessly and offers some of the best dealers in the world. The fact that you have probably played one of their live roulette games before means that you should be able to understand how betting works in Immersive Roulette, which is going to make everything a little bit easier for you.

The Rules of Immersive Roulette

Immersive Roulette is not different at all to your standard game of roulette. There is no La Partage or En Prison. This is a game with a single European Roulette wheel (TCS John Huxley Roulette Wheel if you are asking), and a dealer. Nothing more than that.

The amount of time between each spin is 30 seconds. However, the player will have up until 10 seconds from the ball being spun to make their bet. Evolution Gaming have set the minimum bet to be £1 equivalent, although some online casinos have a slightly higher minimum bet than this. The maximum amount you can bet on each spin will be £10,000.

Bear in mind that these figures may change between online casinos. However, because Immersive Roulette is one of the more expensive online live casino games to run, expect the minimum bet never to drop below the £1 mark. If anything, it is going to be slightly higher.

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The "Immersion" Factor

They don’t call Immersive Roulette ‘immersive’ for fun. Oh no. This is probably going to be one of the most complete roulette experiences outside of being at an actual casino.

Camera Work

Let’s start with the camera work. One area that Evolution Gaming invested heavily in with their immersive roulette game is their cameras. Every camera that they use to film their games can put out a native 4K resolution.

Sure, your computer is probably unable to view the video in full HD, mainly due to the abysmal internet connections that we have here in the United Kingdom, but if our ISPs start to get in line with the rest of Europe, then you are going to be able to stream these videos with crystal-clear clarity. They are still going to look decent anyway. The videos pumped out by the Immersive Roulette software are some of the best that we have ever seen in the world of live gambling at least.

More Camera Work...

The camera work does not stop here, though. Oh no. You see, immersive roulette uses a multi camera set-up. At least three cameras, often more, are going to be operating at all times. With standard live roulette, you would be lucky to get two cameras. As far as we know, immersive roulette not only has the dealer running the game, but they also have somebody who is editing the immersive roulette to make it very ‘movie like’.

When you are watching immersive roulette play out, you will be able to enjoy several camera cuts which highlight the gameplay and the dealer. In fact, as you are about to discover, the dealer is going to play a major role in how immersive roulette works. The camera work may catch other tables around the online casino ‘in action’ which can really add to the feel that you are playing in a real casino.

Remember; this is incredibly important. Most people out there play online because they want the experience of playing in a casino, but they are not lucky enough to have one near their home. Immersive roulette makes it closer to a reality for them.

When the wheel is spun, you are going to have some seriously sexy shots of the ball darting across it. No. That is no exaggeration. The camera work is something that you would expect to see in a Quentin Tarantino movie (yes, that one was an exaggeration, but the camera work is still good).


There will also be slow-motion replays once the ball has finished spinning, just to really reinforce the point as to whether you are a winner or a loser. All of this amazing camera work is coupled with amazing sounds. The music is beautiful.

As mentioned previously; the dealer is going to play a heavy role in your immersive roulette experience. This is a game that uses female dealers exclusively, most of them coming from Eastern Europe. Honestly, their recruitment process must be fantastic too. These are probably some of the most enthusiastic live casino dealers we have ever seen.

One of the aims for Evolution was to select dealers who are happy to talk about anything. They pump out some pretty decent conversations too which helps to keep you engrossed in the game. So, if you are the type of live gambler that loves talking to their dealer, then we honestly can’t think of a better game than Immersive Roulette for you to play.

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Great Display

To round this off; Immersive Roulette has some of the most in-depth (and beautiful) looking stats that we have ever seen in an online casino game. If you fancy yourself somewhat of a statistician when you play online, then this game is going to be right up your street.