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​20p Roulette

Contrary to popular belief, 20p roulette isn’t named because you can only bet 20p. It is named as such because the minimum bet is 20p. Here, we are going to take a little look at what 20p roulette is, and why you should be playing it.

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Betting on 20p Roulette

The odd thing about 20p roulette is that most of your bets are not going to be 20p. If you bet on individual numbers then, yes, your minimum bet is going to be 20p. However, if you bet on the various other betting options then you will need to stump up at least £1 per spin.

The maximum bet will also vary depending on what you are betting on. For example; a single number bet will have a maximum bet of £1,000. If you opt for one of the evens bets, then your maximum stake can be £10,000. Most people who play 20p roulette are likely to be keeping their bets to the minimum. It is called 20p roulette, after all. It is essentially advertising itself as a game for low rollers.

20p Roulette Payout Chart with Maximum and Minimum Stake

Bet Minimum Stake Maximum Stake Pays
Single Number 0.20 1,000 35/1
Pair Of Number 0.20 2,000 17/1
Three Numbers 0.20 3,000 11/1
Four Numbers 0.20 4,000 8/1
Six Numbers 0.20 6,000 5/1
Columns 1 10,000 2/1
Dozens 1 10,000 2/1
Red And Black 1 10,000 1/1
Even And Odd 1 10,000 1/1
1-18 And 19-36 1 10,000 1/1

How 20p Roulette Works

To be honest, 20p roulette is not all that different from your typical game of roulette. This game will use the European roulette wheel, which means it has one fewer number than American roulette. This increases your chances of winning on the evens bets. When you bet on 20p roulette, you have a variety of different betting options at your disposal. You can either:

How to play

You can, of course, split your bets across multiple options if you wish. So, if you want four different numbers, then, by all means, go for that. Once you have placed your bets, and you can take as much time to do this as you want, then you just need to hit that spin button. You can then watch the little animated graphic, and sit with your fingers crossed, hoping that you are going to be hitting your chosen selection.

To be honest, the interface of 20p roulette is ridiculously simple to understand, and even if you have not played digital roulette before, you will know what is going on. The game has an included manual if you get really confused.

Betting Strategies

Since 20p roulette isn’t functionally different from other types of roulette, you can pretty much use the same betting strategies when you are playing. The Martingale strategy is likely to be the one that you will use the most. This is where you can virtually guarantee to break even.

So, how does the Martingale Strategy work with 20p roulette? Well, the idea is that you bet on one of the evens bets. This will normally be either black or red. If you lose, you double your bet on the next round. Eventually, you will be able to break even. 

It is important to remember that the maximum bet on 20p roulette is set to £10,000. However, unless you are doing massively high bets, and you get incredibly unlucky, you are unlikely to ever come close to that maximum bet.

Turning £1 into £6 with a Simple Roulette Strategy on 20p Roulette

With an easy three-step roulette system, we can turn £1 into £6. Breaking it down, we have the following steps:

  1. Bet £1 on black.
  2. Place a £2 bet, spreading it across the 2nd 12 and 3rd 12 sections.
  3. Bet £1 on the double street and maintain the £2 bet on the 2nd 12 and 3rd 12 sections.

For more roulette strategies and systems, we recommend heading over to our YouTube channel.

Play on both mobile and desktop computers

20p roulette is a relatively new game. This means that you will be able to play it both on your mobile device and on a desktop computer. If you are playing on a mobile device, then most online casinos will allow you to play it through their mobile site. However, if you want the ultimate gameplay experience, then you may find that the casino you choose will allow you to download an additional app.

Where to play 20p roulette

If you check out our recommended new roulette casinos, you will find a wealth of places that you can head to if you want to play the game. We have vetted all of these websites, so we know that they meet our high standards.  For any player looking for roulette games with bigger payouts, we recommend trying out Lightning Roulette.

FAQ for 20p Roulette:

What is 20p Roulette?

20p Roulette is a type of online roulette game where the minimum bet is 20p. It is named as such because the minimum bet is 20p, not because you can only bet 20p.

Can you only bet 20p in 20p Roulette?

No, you can bet more than 20p in 20p Roulette. If you bet on individual numbers, the minimum bet is 20p, but if you bet on other options, you will need to bet at least £1 per spin. The maximum bet varies depending on the type of bet you place.

How does 20p Roulette work?

20p Roulette is similar to traditional roulette, and it uses a European roulette wheel with one fewer number than American roulette, increasing the chances of winning on even bets. There are several betting options available, including single numbers, number ranges, even or odd numbers, and black or red. You can also split your bets across multiple options.

Can you play 20p Roulette on both mobile and desktop devices?

Yes, 20p Roulette is a relatively new game and can be played on both mobile devices and desktop computers. Some online casinos offer an additional app for the ultimate gameplay experience, but it can also be played on the mobile site.

Are there any betting strategies for 20p Roulette?

Since 20p Roulette is similar to traditional roulette, you can use the same betting strategies, such as the Martingale strategy. The Martingale strategy involves betting on an even bet and doubling your bet if you lose until you break even.

Where can I play 20p Roulette?

You can play 20p Roulette at online casinos that offer the game. Our recommended casinos are vetted and meet high standards, including being registered with the UK gambling commission, offering bonuses, and having a variety of deposit and withdrawal options and excellent customer support.

What should I keep in mind when playing 20p Roulette?

It is important to manage your bankroll well, even though the minimum bet is lower in 20p Roulette. Sustained losses, even at a low price, can quickly go through your bankroll.