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online roulette faqAre you thinking about starting playing roulette at online casinos but have some questions left unanswered? The following FAQ’s that we’ve put together below  will help guide you through the most important aspects of playing roulette online.

We have spent countless hours playing online roulette ourselves; we’ve reviewed hundreds of casino sites, bonuses and have also compiled plenty of roulette game reviews to help our readers gain a better understanding into the world of roulette, whether that be online or offline. 

We therefore believe no question is too big or too small. Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked question that people tend to ask about roulette and playing it at online casinos. If there’s a question that you don’t see answered here, feel free to get in touch with us on our ‘Contact Us’ page as we’d love to help you out.

Can I Play Roulette Online If I Live In The USA or Canada?

The simple answer is yes you can but we always suggest that you check your local state legislation before you do. There are plenty of USA casino sites that we recommend on Best Online Roulette, as well as top Canadian casino sites and European sites!

Each casino offers a good selection of deposit and withdrawal options including Visa, MasterCard and the newer trend of the Crypto-currency world: Bitcoins! If you are stuck for a legit and reputed casino site to play at, then our top list of best new casino sites will help you in the right direction.

Can I Win Money At An Online Casino?

Whilst there are many casinos which offer free roulette games to help you brush up on your strategy, there are plenty more ‘real’ games where money is at stake. The simple answer to this question is: Yes. 

One thing to also consider and bear in mind is that if you play any casino game using a casino bonus when you deposit, there will be wagering requirements applied to any winnings before you will be permitted to any money. We always recommend to all players, whether you are new or have been playing at online casinos for a while, to read each and every bonus terms and conditions before you start playing with a casino bonus.  

On the flip side of this, as much as you can win at an online casino, you can also lose. This is the nature of the game. Playing online casino games are a game of chance and are governed by an in built Random Number Generator (RNG) which provides the game with random outcomes. You can win yes, but you can also lose too.

Do I Need To Download Software To My Computer?

There are some casinos which give you the option of downloading a casino ‘client’ to your PC or playing casino games in your web browser.

Most of the time it’s easier and more efficient to play games in your browser; however some people prefer to download the client as they prefer a traditional experience. We recommend casinos which offer both, however it’s more popular these days to play casino games in a web browser. 

Are Online Casino Games Rigged?

As we briefly mentioned above, all casino games are designed by software providers with an in built RNG (Random Number Generator). This makes sure that you see outcomes the same as if you would do in “real life”.

What’s more, online casinos are heavily regulated and also independently audited to provide a fair gaming experience. Regulation requirements are extremely strict and casinos simply would not be able to continue operate if they were rigged in any way. They simply wouldn’t last.

This is a great reason to stick with the trusted online roulette casinos listed on this website, each of which have been running for a while and are owned by trusted online gambling companies.

Is American Roulette Different From European Roulette?

The main and only difference between European and American Roulette is that European Roulette has a single "0" field, whereas the American Roulette version of the game has "0" and also "00" which therefore decreases your odds of winning by an extra field.

What’s interesting to point out there is what may seem like a small difference, actually makes a large one, so our advice is opt to play European Roulette when you have the chance.

What Is French Roulette?

You will notice that French Roulette is offered by many online casinos. This version of Roulette has the exact same wheel as the European version of Roulette does, but there are some differences when it comes to the rules of the game. 

As an example, let’s say that you bet on a single number and the result comes out at 0. Here you lose only half of your bet. This is called “La Partage". Also, there are a number of different bets in this game which are known as "Call Bets". Call Bets are those based on the position of the numbers on the roulette wheel, as opposed to their chronological order.

What’s The Difference Between Inside And Outside Bets?

Inside bets are basically bets which are placed on the number grid. Outside bets however, are those placed in the groupings which are outside of the grid. It might sound rather straight forward but we do get asked this question a lot!

Is There A Way To Estimate Which Colour Will Be Hit More Frequently?

Unfortunately there is no way of knowing this. Roulette is a game of chance so there is an equal chance of it landing on either red or black. There is no way of knowing the outcomes, no matter what people may say or what you read online.

Do Roulette Strategies Work?

Any Roulette strategy that tells you that you will have a guaranteed win is not telling you the truth. At all. You have to keep in mind that roulette is a game of chance, no matter how much you calculate where the ball will land.

Therefore, strategies that guarantee wins are a complete fabrication. There are however, certain strategies and tips which are there to help you determine the best types of bets you should make depending on your playing style.

I’ve Seen That There Are Software Programs Which Will Help Me Win At Roulette, Should I Use One?

No, No and another No! As with the question above, no computer program will know where a ball is going to land, the same as you won’t be able to know for sure. Stay away from programs like this which will charge you money, as they will not help you win a game of roulette.

How Do I Find The Best Roulette Casinos?

This is where we and other respected Roulette guides come in. We spend a lot of time reviewing casino sites. We take a look at everything the casino is offering, right from the amount of games they have, to their licensing, deposit options, reputation (this is a biggie! )and also bonuses which are on offer. 

The online casinos that you see recommended here on are trusted casinos which offer a damn good selection of roulette games real money players, no matter where you are living!

You will also be able to play plenty of other casino games at your leisure, but if you are looking for the best online roulette games, then make sure you check them out and pick the casino which suits you the best! Oh, and always play European Roulette if you can!


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